Totally secure calls and messages
for your peace of mind



No backdoors
of any kind

Widely available new technologies put voice calls and messages increasingly at risk from:

by hostile governments
We created CryptTalk to secure and protect your communications.
It's time to get back your privacy.
CryptTalk is an easy-to-use, secure communication service
offering the following advantages:
Totally secure calls & messages
Secure conference calling
Best-Practice cryptography
Convenience & discretion
Set-up in minutes
Regular security audits

No backdoor of any kind - guaranteed.

Backdoors often get hacked, allowing others to access and decrypt your communications.

Maximum security
without the need for any special hardware
CryptTalk's best-practice methodology ensures maximum security for voice and instant message communications on your mobile phone. By using CryptTalk, you can be sure that your calls or messages cannot be compromised, and that what you say or message remains inaccessible to third parties.
    • Secure peer-to-peer calling
    • Encrypted conference calls
    • Secure instant messaging
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Secure authentication
    • Perfect forward secrecy
    • Intuitive admin interface
    • Secure user management
    • Cloud or on-site deployment
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Why our customers choose CryptTalk

comprehensive security
Fixed monthly subscription
No up-front investment
No special
hardware required
Secure admin interface
for user management
Advanced features
for enterprises
Conforms to strict
Swedish privacy laws
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Independently Proven Security

  • CryptTalk is built using best-practice cryptography and security protocols.

  • The system is continuously updated. Independent third parties regularly review our software.

  • Smart system architecture means potential hackers can never eavesdrop, even if they gained access to CryptTalk's source code. Not even CryptTalk's developers can access your private data.

Why trust CryptTalk?

Our security and values explained.
Learn how CryptTalk protects you.

Security features

Designed for all your communication needs

Easy to use

CryptTalk provides maximum security, without you having to
change your communication habits.

Worldwide coverage

As long as you can get online, CryptTalk can be used
anywhere on the globe over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

Guard against eavesdroppers
with the world's most reliable and secure calling service.