Protect your calls & messages

Arenim Technologies designed the CryptTalk service to provide the same user experience and feature set you're used to when making traditional calls. Make mobile voice calls and compose instant messages just as with Skype, WhatsApp or Viber. However...

CryptTalk provides
maximum security.

Protect your privacy

Unlimited secure calls

All subscriptions include unlimited secure calls over your mobile internet network or Wi-Fi. There are no per-minute charges.

Unlimited secure messages

Send as many secure CryptTalk messages as you like. They are free. Don't risk losing your privacy.

conference calls

Organize secure conference calls with several participants. CryptTalk conference calls are peer-to-peer, mixed on your handset without the involvement of a central conference server, which maximizes your security.

Get connected,
get secured quickly!

CryptTalk is independent of your device or phone number. It is linked to your e-mail address.
Build your CryptTalk contact list. Invite others to connect with you with a simple e-mail.

Pay as you go
No long-term commitment

As an Individual User, you have a wide choice of monthly subscription packages based on the number of persons you want on your CryptTalk contact list.

Explore the CryptTalk subscription packages created especially for Individual Users:

For Business Users we recommend CryptTalk Pro, which has the same outstanding security features
as those for Individual Users, but is designed for the unique user and deployment requirements of a business environment.

Check out CryptTalk Pro for Business Users!
Why trust CryptTalk?

CryptTalk only uses audited
and widely-accepted

team & product

Awards from ISACA,
EuroCloud, CESA,
CTIA & more...

Swedish vendor &
legal background

EU Operations base.
Governed by the world's
best privacy laws.


Reviewed by NCC, Silent Signal, and the best hackers of Central and Eastern Europe.

Learn about our security philosophy and how CryptTalk protects you
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