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Our security philosophy

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security philosophy.

Our security philosophy

CryptTalk Security
White Paper

Discover how CryptTalk makes your communication completely secure.

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Proven Security
NCC review details

Learn about the CryptTalk Mobile
Application Security Assessment
by NCC Group.

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Press resources and some media coverage

Our Story
Interview with the founders

Szabolcs Kun and Attila Megyeri, co-founders, tell their story.

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Why we do this?
A deeper insight about us

We believe that your personal privacy matters a great deal.

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CryptTalk video spot

A short introduction to CryptTalk.

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CryptTalk boosted
by encryption controversy

"This is a solution with no back door, without any special hardware
and, very importantly, even we, the vendors,
cannot decrypt calls made using CryptTalk"

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But, aside from the marketing
spiel, how good is CryptTalk?

"Indeed, few companies do not have back doors. CryptTalk, thus, only has two or three competitors in the very secure segment."

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CryptTalk for Journalists
(Interview by GEN)

We are committed to support investigative journalism and the protection of free speech.

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Reports and articles about surveillance

We have collected you useful articles and reports about surveillance and eavesdropping.

Vodafone outlines government
efforts to censor telecoms

Vodafone Law Enforcement Disclosure
report Country-by-country legal annexe.

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Telenor's report
authority requests

Authority requests for access to electronic
communication (country data).

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Bugged, Tracked, Hacked
A 60 Minutes Special Investigation

German hackers intercept and record mobile phone conversations between a 60 Minutes reporter in Europe and an Independent Australian Senator, Nick Xenophon, in Australia's Parliament House.

Watch the report

FORBES on governmental

"Statistics on how often your phone company hands data over to law enforcement."

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Keys Under Doormats
(MIT Report)

Mandating insecurity by requiring
government access to all data and

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Further useful
articles and reports

See our collection of articles
on interception and surveillance.

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For our users

User's Manual

For individual users subscribing
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CryptTalk PRO
User's Manual

For business users
with corporate subscription.

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Practical advice

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Legal aspects
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